Negativity Bias

I recently listened to an interesting podcast with Rick Hanson, a clinical psychologist. Although the podcast itself was short, it contained really valuable information regarding the evolution of our brains that was completely new to me. He points out that we were actually evolved to be fearful. Being fearful meant surviving another day for our ancestors who faced the… Continue reading Negativity Bias

The deep roots never doubt spring will come

Spring is fast approaching (although it was snowing just two days ago in my corner of the world) and it's the perfect time for some good ol' spring cleaning! And I don't just mean around the house, but inside our heads too. Here is a nice affirmation from Louise Hay for March: March - I… Continue reading The deep roots never doubt spring will come

Happy Valentine’s day!

Today as we celebrate the feast of St. Valentine, let's remember the person behind the name. Our world is so commercialised nowadays that it wouldn't be shocking to find out that most people didn't know that St. Valentine was an actual human being who lived around 200 AD. As I searched the internet for more information… Continue reading Happy Valentine’s day!

Paradoxical Intention

Have you heard about the concept of Paradoxical Intention? I first encountered it while reading Susan Jeffers' book. She talks about a student of hers by the name "Doris" who suffered from agoraphobia (extreme or irrational fear of crowded spaces or enclosed public places). Doris decided to attend Susan's course regardless of the fact that the teaching was… Continue reading Paradoxical Intention


When I first started experiencing anxiety I needed to find and explanation to what was happening to me. I received an instant self-diagnosis from which I found to be extremely helpful, or so I thought. Later on I realized that stamping myself on the forehead with a specific label was actually harmful. I found that by… Continue reading Divergent

realistic v. unrealistic?

This post is made up of some highly inspiring material from Susan Jeffers: There is an automatic assumption that negative is realistic and positive is unrealistic. Upon inspection, this is pure madness. Nothing is realistic or unrealistic—there is only what we think about any given situation. We create our own reality. Positive words make us physically… Continue reading realistic v. unrealistic?